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Earning and Managing Money

These were some of the best cheese fries I've ever tasted.

These were some of the best cheese fries I've ever tasted.

The last few weekends we’ve been busy and this weekend was no exception.

Each year the Hershey plant and the McKee plant team up and put on the Sweet Dreams festival. Saturday was the big day and we spent several hours there. There’s always a hot dog eating contest, live music, a Little Debbie look alike contest, rides for the younger kids, lots of booths offering a variety of handmade items, information on local businesses and organizations, and food, food and more food.

Austin checking out some beautiful handmade wooden toys.

Austin checking out some beautiful handmade wooden toys.


It was interesting to me to watch Austin and Amanda make decisions on how to spend the money they had worked for. It was also interesting to watch the reactions of other people as the kids deliberated and made choices. At one point Austin decided to check out the prices on the food and his remark was “These prices are rediculous.” He decided to save his money for something he could use rather than on something that would be gone in a few minutes. Amanda did decide that the food was worth with it to her and bought herself a hotdog and some fries. And I noticed that instead of deciding halfway through she didn’t want all of it, she ate every bite. Later she walked into a booth that was selling handmade handbags and bought a bag with an Afghan hound embroidered on it. She paid a lot for it, but I think it’s worth it because it’s beautiful and very well made.

Later in the weekend Amanda asked if she could take on more work so she could earn more money. She’s only been doing about half of what Austin has and at first she liked it that way. But as she’s gotten used to working and earning money for it I think she’s gotten ready to take on more. So we’re trying it this week and seeing how it works. She really wants to earn enough for some small pets and I think that will be motivation to keep her going.

They still make choices that I sometimes look at and wonder why on earth they bought that. But that’s part of life and learning and also partly just me having to realize they are seperate people from me who have their own likes and dislikes, and need to make some of their own choices and mistakes.

It’s a learning process for all of us.

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Amanda woke up to a surprise this morning because I completely forgot to tell her that a friend she doesn’t get to see real often was coming over today. Her friend got here before Amanda woke up this morning so I sent her up to wake Amanda up. It didn’t take Amanda nearly as long to wake up as usual, for some reason.  Then a friend of Austin’s came over ( I didn’t know about this ahead of time). So after basic morning chores I let both kids have go have fun with their friends.

Amanda and her friend playing Zoo Tycoon.

Amanda and her friend playing Zoo Tycoon.

Austin and his friend playing with the DS while Michael watches.

Austin and his friend playing with the DS while Michael watches.

After lunch Austin washed dishes and Amanda swept the kitchen floor. Then Amanda took off to play with her friend again. Austin watched “Science of the Deep-Wreck of the Portland” and “100 Greatest Discoveries-Chemistry” on the Science Channel.


The little guy that Amanda is holding in this picture just adores her. Today is only his third day here and Amanda was the only person he would go to from his grandmother when she dropped him off.

The evening was quiet with the kids watching some Disney. Austin washed dinner dishes and Amanda gave Michael his bath.

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Here’s the new fun for the day!HPIM3632


They look awfully serious but they really are enjoying the Knifty Knitters we bought at over the weekend. I tried it out as well and it really is fun. They are working on hats now because those were the instructions that came in the package but we’ll try other things later. We can go on-line and print other patterns and instructions.

Our morning was pretty typical. Chores, laundry, some cleaning, babies. Amanda made some delicious mac & cheese for lunch.

We did get to do some reading together this morning. The kids really enjoy when we sit down together and I read to them. This morning we read “A Lesson of Love” (Romans 12:10) from “The One Year Book of Devotions for Kids #2” and “Smells” and “The Rock” by Hugh Lofting. These two stories are excerpts from the book “The Story of Doctor Dolittle”.

This afternoon Amanda played Zoo Tycoon awhile and knitted awhile.

Austin watched “Robots of the Deep” and “100 Greatest Discoveries-Biology” on the Science Channel. While he watched he also did some knitting and built with the K-Nex set.

Our evening was quiet. While I caught up on some housework and phone calls, Austin and Amanda watched Michael. Amanda  gave Michael his bath and Austin washed the dinner dishes. The rest of their time they spent either watching Disney or Scyfy.

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Our Weekend

What a busy weekend we had!

Saturday was the end of Bible School Carnival. The kids were able to use points that they earned in Bible School to get tickets to use to play games and get prizes. A friend and her little boy went with us and we all had a great time. The dunk tank was the big favorite but they enjoyed the other games and activities too.

After the carnival we came home and did some cleaning up around the house and relaxed awhile. Doug’s daughter came home with us and she and Amanda had a great time together. They even took care of Michael awhile and let me take a nap.

Then Saturday evening we went to the fireman’s carnival. The same friend and her son, Gabe, went with us there too. Austin and Gabe had a great time together. Amanda played with her step-sister and Michael bounced from person to  person. It was fun and we were all exhausted by Saturday night. Both Austin and Amanda used their own earnings at the carnival and I thought they did really well at making wise choices in how they spent their money.



Michael refused to ride any carnival rides but loved riding with Grandma in her special chair.

Sunday we went shopping and restocked our food supply. Also got some “Knifty Knitters” for the kids to use. We all had to try them out Sunday afternoon and I think it’s going to be fun. I’m thinking I may need to go back and get a few more though because everyone wants to do it.

It was a great weekend and I think at the end of it we were all ready to return to our normal weekday routine.

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Yay! It’s Friday again. I love our day to day routine but I also enjoy our weekend breaks in the routine.

It was rainy today and I even heard a few rumbles of thunder. We didn’t have as many kids as we sometimes do for daycare so it felt laid back and relaxed. I let Austin and Amanda sleep in this morning and even Michael didn’t wake up until almost 9:00.

Austin has been asking me to let him help me make the weekly menu so this morning I let him help me with that. Here’s a picture of him poring over a book of menu suggestions provided by the USDA food program.HPIM3580

After we finished that little project he folded some laundry, fed the baby his lunch and washed the lunch dishes. Instead of watching shows on TV this afternoon he decided to watch the movie “Red Fury” while he sat with the preschoolers.

Amanda gave Micheal his bath and emptied the dish drainer. She had a hard time concentrating today because she’s so excited about buying a new pet. I told her we’d try to go to the pet store this weekend. She plans to use her earnings from the last few weeks to buy either a rat or a hamster and the cage and supplies. We’ve had both before and really enjoyed them.

This evening was the last evening of  Bible School. It’s been a great week but I think everyone is tired. Tomorrow there will be a “carnival” for the kids at the church to celebrate a good week together.

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Yesterday started off with really cool temperatures but summer came back today. No jackets in sight.

Two of Amanda’s friends were here today so after morning chores I told her she could be free to spend time with them. They immediately headed upstairs to her room to play with her  “Littlest Pet Shop” collection. I didn’t see much of them at all until time to fix lunch. Then they made the sandwiches and washed the fruit for lunch.HPIM3574

Amanda washing the grapes for lunch.

Amanda washing the grapes for lunch.

After lunch they were gone to her room again and I really didn’t see much of them the rest of the day.

After morning chores Austin washed the breakfast dishes then came outside with me and the daycare kids. A lot of his time was spent with his K-Nex set, building and helping the younger kids build.


After lunch Austin washed dishes than watched “The Science of Storm Chasing-Episode 2” and “100 Greatest Discoveries-Top Ten” on the Science Channel.

And Bible School again this evening. They were told to be prepared to get wet this evening so I’m sure they’re having fun.

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I can hardly believe how cool the mornings are even though it’s July. Two of the daycare kids came in this morning wearing jackets!


We had two kids come back today for childcare ( a six yr. old girl and a four year old boy) that had been away for awhile and we were so glad to see them again.  It felt like family returning. Running a daycare from my home and having my children involved provides a large part of a very rich social life for them. Since the ages of kids range from eight months to 13 yrs.  there is plenty of socialization. And many of the parents are good friends and very interested in my own kids.

I enjoy seeing my kids learn to understand as well as teach kids younger than themselves, to be able to feel comfortable with those their age, and to relate to a number of people older than themselves.

Amanda letting some of the younger kids help her put fresh grass in the insect terrariums.

Amanda letting some of the younger kids help her put fresh grass in the insect terrariums.

Austin playing with some of the younger kids.

Austin playing with some of the younger kids.

Our day today had been fairly typical. At least as “typical” as it gets around here. We got started earlier this morning and morning work was quickly done and out of the way. Things are more or less caught up around here so after Austin cleaned under and behind the living room furniture and Amanda washed the dishes they just came outside with the younger kids and me. It was beautiful outside by then and we all had a good time.  The kids set a “carnival” complete with play money and tickets and they played that game for nearly an hour.

After lunch Amanda headed where she nearly always does lately- the computer to play Zoo Tycoon. She also baked some cookies for Bible school this evening and read awhile.



Austin did the lunch dishes and moved the toys out of the side yard so that it could be mowed this afternoon. Later this afternoon when Doug came home from work and could be with him he mowed the yard. He hasn’t done much mowing yet so Doug usually stays close by while he does it. in fact, I think this is only the second time he’s mowed.


Then he headed to the TV room. This afternoon he watched “Mean Green Machines-Snowmobile Shakedown” and “Stuff Happens-Dinner” on Planet Green. Then he watched “100 Greatest Discoveries-Physics” on the Science Channel.

And, of course, this evening they were off to Bible School. They’re really enjoying it and I’m glad they are getting to go, but I’m also ready for our evening to get back to normal.

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Cool Blog

I really enjoy blog surfing and reading the many wonderful homeschool blogs. And it’s amazing how many different approaches there are and how, when thoughtfully tailored to the needs of the child and family, each one works so well.

One blog site I’ve enjoyed reading is “Our Homeschool Home.” The site layout is well done and the posts are interesting and informative and give a lot of creative ideas. Included are some great links that I also found valuable.

So head on over and enjoy.

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Tuesday July 14, 2009

Today started out slow. Because I had a late child to watch yesterday-he left at 11:45 PM- I didn’t get started as early this morning as usual. So that meant the kids didn’t either. But it was a nice day, and things went smoothly.

After morning clean-up I took the little kids outside. Austin worked on cutting up cardboard boxes to use for crafts.HPIM3496

Amanda washed dishes, washed the kitchen floor and made the Ramen noodles for lunch.


Both Austin and Amanda listened to NPR’s “On Point” while they worked. They got done quickly and then came outside and had fun with the kids outside.



After lunch Austin stayed in the TV room with the two little boys, ages 4 and 5 and watched them. While he was there he watched part of “Ecopolis: Road to the Future” on Green Planet, part of “Hot Rocks-Salt” on Science, and “100 Greatest Discoveries-Medicine” on Science. He also spent some time building with his K-Nex set.


Both Austin and Amanda had homework from Bible School. Today they had to color a picture to enter into a coloring contest.



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Monday Again

Well, it was another Monday and a pretty good one.  For the most part it was just a quiet, smooth running day with the normal work and fun that goes into it.

With the kids help I got the daycare closet cleaned out and looking presentable again.Then Austin watched the baby and fed him his lunch. And entertained his little brother for awhile.


Amanda washed the dishes and made the sandwiches for lunch.

After lunch Austin washed the dishes and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the TV room with the five year old, keeping and eye on him and watching “Expedition Borneo” on Green Planet. Amanda spent a large part of her afternoon on the computer working on her zoos on Zoo Tycoon. Both kids watched “Most Extreme Predators” on Animal Planet.

Once again this week the kids are in Bible School in the evening and honestly I’m hoping this will be their last week of  Bible School this summer. I’m all for Bible School but this is the third week and the third church. This time Doug is helping out at Bible School so everyone’s gone but Michael and me. And Michael does NOT like to see his brother and sister leave him behind.

And I had to include a couple pictures of Austin’s model of  a DNA strand. Not sure why he decided to make it but I thought it was interesting that he was thinking about it.



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